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Max Managed Services includes full service management for company and agent relationships, including campaign builds, configurations, updates, pacing, capping and scoring – all through one point of contact.
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Campaign Configurations

Managed Services clients work with a dedicated specialist for campaign needs, which means that changes and updates happen within minutes. From routing to API access, our team supports and manages all client campaign configurations. Our technology experts handle organization and partner tech communications, ensuring that new campaigns are built correctly and issues are resolved quickly. Campaign builds include applicable scoring and pre-ping service set-up to increase lead quality and decrease returns. To guarantee that campaigns are as effective as possible, we work with contact centers and web partners to custom order results by eCPL, revenue, conversions and more. Agencies can also utilize Managed Services to track and control vendor allocation through one system.

Automated Recording Management

Our team will provide dialer integration and automated recording management, including naming, delivering and storing all recordings in one repository for real-time access and quality control – saving hundreds of hours of manual analysis and uploading. We work directly with agencies on behalf of clients to configure and manage recording delivery destinations, and clients can track uploaded and delivered recordings in a single reporting system. Call recording transcription mines 100% of calls and flags quality violations for manual review by our experienced quality assurance team.

Comprehensive Reporting

Contact and web partners have access to call campaign data through the powerful MatchMaximizer reporting suite. Custom dashboards provide near real-time updates with advanced analytics and insight into campaign performance. This detailed reporting allows vendors to monitor volume trends, track allocation, identify issues and make optimizations. Our Managed Services team will integrate company and partner reports into one system via API and manual consolidation, so clients can track leads through the entire lifecycle, from contact to conversion.

Effortless Reconciliation

Max Managed Services simplifies the reconciliation process with one account manager to finalize billing for all clients. Our team will utilize our proprietary reporting suite to keep systems and lead statuses up-to-date. We will also investigate return responses and issues, working directly with organizations and agencies to get resolution and clarification to improve lead quality and billable revenue.

Simplify your campaign management with Max Managed Services.

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