If your contact center isn’t using this technology, you’re leaving money on the table.
MatchMaximizer streamlines the call center process through its proprietary technology that combines data collection, routing, agent scripting, scoring and search results into one seamless process that increases match rates while decreasing call handling times.
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Dynamic Scripting & Routing

The MatchMaximizer platform provides an interface for agents to follow the most compliant process while producing high match rates. Dynamic agent scripting walks representatives through the whole process, from contact through validation and matching. The platform fully supports and encourages pre-populated data, eliminating the need for information to be entered multiple times while reducing call handle times and errors. Robust routing capabilities allow contact centers to route inquiries for optimal performance based on data sources, agents, location and can be customized to fit specific needs.

Unified Search Results

Contact centers can now pull all campaigns into one agent platform. Our technology leverages a state-of the-art lead management system that supports multiple systems and campaign types, including Host & Post, API and Link-Out. MatchMaximizer matches inquiries against those systems and produces qualified match results into a single comprehensive list. Centers can also utilize MatchMaximizer’s custom ordering capabilities to sort their results by various factors, such as eCPL, to maximize volume and revenue.


MatchMaximizer gives contact centers control and visibility to ensure agents are following the correct procedures, getting proper consent, asking qualifying questions and adhering to compliance guidelines. The platform integrates with scoring and pre-ping services such as Neustar, LeadiD, eBureau, Experian and iDatify to remove unqualified matches from results, which decreases return rates while improving quality. MatchMaximizer utilizes its dynamic scripting to ensure that TCPA consent and recording disclosures are read on every call and can route calls to comply with organization-based requirements.

Full Tracking & Reporting

The dynamic platform tracks agent progress throughout the call, confirming accuracy and allowing center managers to identify process issues through reporting. All lead data is stored and available in one reporting system for simple retrieval and analysis. MatchMaximizer can also post lead details to the center’s reporting system in real-time via tracking URLs.

Cost & Time Savings

With its simple deployment that requires minimal technical resources, MatchMaximizer eliminates the need for a large internal support and technical team. The platform simplifies day-to-day business operations, with one point of contact for all campaign and technology needs. Since the platform already has full API integrations with many companies, centers can start new campaigns quickly and effortlessly.

Streamline your call center processes with MatchMaximizer.

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  • Custom ordered results in a single platform
  • Supports all campaign types
  • Full API integrations
  • Robust routing capabilities
  • Simple deployment with minimal technical resource
  • Dynamic agent scripting
  • Scoring services for compliance and quality
  • Performance-based pricing