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Data Analysis

With decades of experience in lead generation, our team knows that data is king when it comes to effective business strategy. The Max Consulting group meets with partners to understand business challenges, followed by a thorough analysis of data and systems. This involves assessing call processes, technology, match rates, returns and conversion data. Websites are tested for visitors, click-through-rates and form functionality. We also analyze past and current marketing efforts, enrollment growth, retention and compliance to determine optimizations for our clients.

Strategy & Planning

Max Consulting provides realistic, data-backed recommendations based on target goals. Our team will work with contact centers to determine optimal ordering for all results within MatchMaximizer to increase results, quality and revenue. If there are concerns with the contact center process or the web user experience, we’ll provide a plan of action to resolve those issues. Our industry specialists will also identify areas of opportunity, including new clients, campaigns and data sources. For agency partners, our experienced professionals will assist in developing realistic strategies for improving lead quality. This includes action-oriented plans centered around increasing conversions, compliance and retention.


Our team will assist not only in strategy, but also in the execution of that strategy to ensure successful implementation. We will perform monthly volume projections for contact centers and web partners based on historical data and experience and will assist with pacing on those campaigns. Agents will receive training from our quality assurance team on scripting, best practices, compliance and more. Companies receive progress tracking through the enrollment conversion funnel with our granular analytics tools. We will continually monitor performance KPIs for all clients, and adjust the strategy based on those metrics.

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