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Max Compliance gives clients complete transparency into their sources and channels – down to the vendors, contact centers and data providers.
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Channel Control

Our proprietary technology tracks all data surrounding form submissions, giving clients full visibility and control of their vendor channels. Through Max Compliance, agencies and partners have access to a detailed, custom reporting suite for channel visibility, quality assurance, conversion optimizations and recording management. If areas of quality concern are found, the ability to block agent IDs, URLs, sub-affiliates and IP addresses creates a safeguard against noncompliant sources. The platform also allows clients to track and manage allocation of vendors through one powerful inquiry management system.

Contact Center Compliance

When vendors use the MatchMaximizer platform for contact center inquiry generation, they are using the most compliant platform in the industry. Agents are walked through a client-approved script that ensures recording disclosures and TCPA statements are read verbatim, along with any required pre-qualification questions. MatchMaximizer integrates with third party tracking and scoring services, such as Neustar, LeadiD and eBureau, so agencies only receive high-quality inquiries.

Call Recording Management

Max Compliance provides automated call recording management and delivery, storing all recordings in one repository. Our team will perform audits, identify missing or incomplete recordings, and pause offenders who pass beyond a custom missing percentage threshold. Call transcription allows clients to mine 100% of calls and run searches on those calls to monitor for issues, such as missed recording disclosures. The service includes quality control management by our experienced QA team, who will send out scorecards, agent correction requests and provide a dashboard for clients and partners to view call quality results.

Get full visibility into your inquiry marketing channels with Max Compliance.

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