MatchMaximizer helps companies exceed their lead target goals quickly and efficiently. Learn how MatchMaximizer technology helped its customers achieve results through streamlined processes, enhanced quality and increased match rates.
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Technology: Contact Center Increases Match Rates by 26%

This experienced company struggled with outdated call center portals that caused high handle times and errors. They also had to rely on in-house technology for lead management, which consumed technical resources and time. Learn how MatchMaximizer eliminated the traditionally complicated call center process while supporting all technical needs of the contact center – resulting in decreased call times, return rates, no-match rates and campaign build times.

Technology + Managed Services: Startup Begins Processing Leads Within 1 Week

Marbry Media, as a new lead generation firm, required sophisticated technology to streamline operational needs and an expert team to support aggressive growth-oriented goals. Find out how this startup began processing leads within one week with MatchMaximizer technology and Managed Services.