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Max Analytics provides lead generation companies with a powerful reporting suite to make data-driven decisions about campaign management, lead quality, revenue and more.
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Action-Oriented Dashboards

Through the most advanced analytics tools in the industry, Max Analytics gives contact centers and web partners access to customized reporting with near real-time data about source, URL, agent and client performance. Clients can closely monitor trends through dynamic dashboards to make optimizations around delivery, allocation, quality, compliance and revenue. Full API integrations allow the consolidation of all business data from partner systems into one reporting suite for a comprehensive view of campaign performance.

Campaign Optimizations

Agencies gain full visibility into their marketing channels with the Analytics suite. Clients can create their own reports with actionable data to analyze vendor campaigns, conversion trends, compliance, call quality and recording management. Max Analytics’ granular tracking abilities of the lead lifecycle, including landing pages, agent IDs and sub-affiliates, provides clients the power to make important process decisions.

Make effective campaign decisions with Max Analytics.

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