Education ProNetwork Leverages EduMaximizer, Increases Lead Delivery 27x

The EDU marketer increases monthly lead revenue & boasts 27 times more monthly enrollment leads for colleges & postsecondary partners

November 8, 2018
EduMaximizer, the leading provider of EDU contact center technology and all-in-one inquiry generation, today announced that Education ProNetwork, an EDU lead generation company, is leveraging the EduMaximizer platform and EduMax Consulting to drive inquiry lead volume and business growth.
Education ProNetwork provides a range of EDU lead generation services, including lead management, call-verified campaigns, warm transfers, and pay per call solutions. Since 2011, the company had been utilizing a market-leading dialer and internal systems to meet client lead generation goals, but recognized the need for deeper business intelligence and the ability to build new campaigns faster.
"Our customers' growing needs require us to move swiftly and strategically in this space," said Zachary E. McCarthy, Chief Marketing Officer at Education ProNetwork. "It was important that our team not be bogged down by back-end minutia, like clunky API integrations. EduMaximizer has allowed us to streamline such activities to better serve our partners and focus on growth."
In January 2018, Education ProNetwork deployed EduMaximizer technology. Fully integrated with many leading EDU companies, the tool expedites the deployment of new campaigns and partner APIs.
"Previously, we'd direct internal resources toward building an entire back-end," said McCarthy. "EduMaximizer has allowed us to make better use of our time. Now, we're often up-and-running with new partners within a few hours."
Custom dashboards also provide the company with near real-time data and allow decision-makers to pivot at an instant and optimize channels more effectively. Where analyzing key data points once involved spreadsheets and more manual processes, Education ProNetwork now has data trends and other actionable insights at a glance. It is able to pull reports and analyze inquiry lead details on a more granular level, including return rates, match rates and system errors. It has impacted the company's ability to make important process decisions around campaign management, lead quality and revenue.
"Things we weren't really seeing in the past, EduMaximizer can give us in near real time," said McCarthy. "We're able to quickly and efficiently determine the best lead sources, and what a difference that has made in the short amount of time we've been with EduMax."
In July 2018, Education ProNetwork six-month results showed 27 times more lead volume — reaching 8,560 monthly enrollment leads — and 33 times more lead revenue, totaling more than $123,000 monthly revenue.
"We are now posting leads with some of the biggest leaders in our space," said McCarthy. "EduMaximizer has also allowed our company to become a more valued partner to our clients. We regularly receive feedback on the quality of our leads and have had many partners increase volume with us as a result."
Company projections show continued month-over-month growth. It plans to expand to over 60 agents in the U.S., effectively doubling its agent team, and add to its media mix in 2019.
"We are pleased that Education ProNetwork has partnered with EduMaximizer to expand the reach of their EDU lead generation services," said Mark Paetz, Vice President at EduMaximizer. "In addition to extraordinary value as a partner, Education ProNetwork is providing education contact centers with the highest quality EDU leads available, which means stronger bottom lines and greater student success. We look forward to supporting their future growth."
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