Infographic: MatchMaximizer 2019 Year in Review

December 19, 2019
Reflecting back on 2019, it was a big year for MatchMaximizer and our partners. As a company, we saw some notable growth, became integrated with all EDU APIs and more. When it came to enrollment data, we saw shifts in demographics and top lead delivery locations. In addition, we expanded our reach and became a multi-vertical lead generation partner in 2019. With a continued focused on compliance, MatchMaximizer is now driving high-quality leads and conversions in education, healthcare, insurance, loans, eldercare, and more.
As always, we like to let our data tell the full story. Our 2019 Year-in-Review Infographic is an analysis of millions of leads in our proprietary systems. Read on for MatchMaximizer’s biggest trends of 2019.

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